Mysterious Island is unlocked at Level 10. Completing this quest will unlock The Mysterious Island. If completed within the time limit of 2 days, you will win the Sentinel Replica prize. Time extensions (earned by VIP) apply.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Watch the news 4 minutes 30 seconds
2 Find the Mysterious Island on a globe 1 minute 30 seconds
3 Download bridge schematics 6 minutes 18 seconds
4 Post bridge schematics 1 second
5 Call construction team 11 minutes
6 Watch 'Found' 17 minutes
7 Drink herbal tea 2 minutes
8 Call construction team 11 minutes
9 Bake croissants 18 hours
10 Build the Mysterious Bridge Time & Cost Vary**

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

**Time and cost vary by amount of buildings built before the Mysterious Bridge, excluding Workplaces and House lots.


For completion of the quest within the time limit, you will win the Sentinel Replica, found in the Outdoor Decorations tab in Outdoors section of the Home Store. The first one is free after that they cost 7,500 Simoleons.

Previous Quest: Ocean View Estate

Next Quest: Raiders Of The Lost Artifact

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