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An infant Sim playing the xylophone

Musical Expression is a hobby available for Babies that starts straight away after completing the Nanny Knows Best quest. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will win a baby bouncer. 

What to do

To do this hobby, you will need to buy the xylophone from the Promotions'R'Us store. Then place the xylophone in a house with an infant in it. Select the infant and tap on the xylophone; one option will show up: Play Xylophone - 3 hours 10 minutes. 

After the time has passed, an exclamation mark will appear above your infant's head; tapping on it will receive a song. Find all 12 songs in the time limit to win the bouncer. If you don't win the bouncer, you will receive different prizes instead. You need one baby to complete this hobby the first time, then 2 more infants can join in.  


There are six levels within this hobby, each with a different reward:

Level Level name Reward
1 Atonal None
2 Big Hitter 250XP
3 Beat Keeper 500XP
4 Melody Maker S750
5 Performer 10,000 Town Value
6 Musical Virtuoso 1LP

Songs (grid items)

Sizzling Sausages Hot Cross Buns Row Your Boat 750XP
Little Lamb Old Macdonald Five in the Bed 1,000XP
Humpty Round the Mountain Three Blind Mice 1,500XP
Moonlight Sonata Piano Concerto No.21 Etude in C Minor 2,000XP


For completing the hobby in the time limit, you will win a baby bouncer, which can be found in the Infant section of the Home Store and costs S4,000. An Adult Sim has to put the baby in it, then they can bounce for 1 minute or 15 minutes.  

If you run out of time, you will instead win the baby play mat, found in the Infant section and costs S5,500. Complete the hobby 7 more times to win 7 outfits for your babies. 

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