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A Sim can move through two ways. Some, however, are unlocked only after progression through the quest chain.

Moving house 

A Sim can move to a different house. At the start of the game, one will only have unlocked Standard sized lots (complete the Ocean View Estate quest to unlock Premium lots). If one chooses to move a Sim to a different house, they click on the town button at the bottom of device screen (or the bottom-right corner if from a smartphone), this will take them to the town map. If they have built several houses and only have a few Sims (example: five houses and four Sims) then one of the houses will be empty.  

Tap on the empty house and a pop up will show. There are four options: 

  • Relocate existing Sim (costs §5,000)
    • This means one can move 1 Sim and can move him/her from their current house to a new one. The empty house will now show that Sim's face, while the old one will show a blue icon where they can add another Sim. They cannot move Sims that are married, ones that have children (Teen or younger) or pregnant.
  • Relocate household (costs §8,000)
    • This means one can move a few Sims who live in the same house to a new lot (a pair or a family of 3 to 6). Once they move the Sims to a new lot, a blue icon will show above their old house where they can add another Sim if they wish.
  • View house
    • Tapping on this option means one can take a look at the house before moving a Sim/Sims in.
  • Demolish house
    • Tapping on this option will cause the lot to be deleted. A pop up will show asking whether or not one wants to continue. Taping on 'Yes' will delete the lot, tapping on 'No' will keep it. If one does delete the lot, the will not receive any money back. If they want a different house, it will cost them Simoleons. 

Please note: Every time one builds a house, the price will rise depending on how many houses they currently have (initially, a house will cost §5,000. As one progresses through the game and build more, the house prices will reach over one hundred thousand and one million!)

Moving in 

See this page: Relationships for more details 

A Sim can move in with another Sim if they are good friends, best friends or romantically involved. Sims who are good friends or best friends can only move into one house and their last name will be changed (i.e. Sim A and Sim B are good/best friends. The player chooses Sim A to move into Sim B's house, thus Sim A's last name will be changed to Sim B's last name). 

Sims who are romantically involved (i.e., partners or married) can move into the same house (like the friends' stage above, the player can choose whether to move the husband or the wife Sim to move into the other's house). They will live together in the same house, unless the player picks a different house lot and picks the 'Relocate household' option (costing §8,000). The couple (either with or without children) will move to that house and live there instead. 

Please note: The player cannot make Sims be romantically involved unless they complete the Love Is In The Air quest. They cannot have children until they complete the Two And A Half Sims quest.


  • The current Sim limit to live in one house is 4. The player can become VIP and have the ability to add two more Sims to the same household at VIP 5 and VIP 10 (bumping up to 6 Sims).
  • If the player is a VIP, the total Sim count goes from 34 to 41!
  • Sims who are in different relationship stages (from acquaintances to marriage) can visit one lot at a time. One can have a total of 10 Sims visiting at once!
  • You can not demolish a house if Sims, or pets are inside the house.