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Makeup Artist kiosk

Makeup Artist is a time limited hobby. If completed in 7 days you unlock the beauty vanity for your Sims' home. Both Teens and Adults can take part in this hobby, however you need two Sims to complete this hobby.

Both male and female Sims can take part in this hobby.

What to do

To unlock this Hobby, you need to complete the Pretty Little Planters quest, clean the first area of the second floor at the Sunset Mall and then build the Makeup Kiosk. Once it has finished building, the time limit for the hobby will start. 

One Sim needs to select 'Wait for Customer' and the other Sim selects 'Browse makeup' - 4 hours 30 minutes.

When the time has passed, an exclamation mark will show above your Sim's head. Tap on it to receive a makeup look. Collect all 12 makeup looks in order to get the vanity and coin fountain. 


There are six Makeup Artist levels:

Level Name  Reward
1 Frankenliner None
2 Fake n' Shaker
3 Brushed Up
4 Dollar Skills S750
5 Hot Looker 10,000 Town Value
6 Model Maker 1LP

Makeup looks (grid items)

Prime Example Concealed Contour
Blush and Attract Powder Prince Brow Specialist
Clump Avoidance Shadow Ninja Line It Up
Mascarader Lash Out Lip Stick Up


If you complete the hobby within 7 days, you unlock the beauty vanity which can be found in the bedroom section of the Home Store and costs S1,000. If you don’t complete in time you still unlock the coin fountain. Complete the hobby again 7 times to win new makeup for your male and female Adult Sims. 

Also with each row you complete you unlock a new shop in the mall:

Find Unlocks Cost How long to build?
First row of makeup Y.O.L.O Wear Fine Threads (Adult male) 110,000 8 hours
Second row of makeup Bang!Bang! Salon (Teen female) 150,000 1 day
Third row of makeup Everybody Skirts (Teen female) 135,000 16 hours 
Fourth row of makeup Scene and Heard (Teen male) 110,000 8 hours


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