Lovey-Dovey Balcony is a quest unlocked at Level 17, and gives you the ability to construct balconies on homes with 2 stories or more. If this quest is completed within the time limit of 7 days, then you unlock exclusive planters and decorative privacy screens. To start this quest, you must go to the Park, where you will find Bree on the pier.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Say Hello To Bree 2 minutes
2 Ask Bree What's Up 5 miuntes
3 Watch A DIY Homes Marathon 10 hours
4 Research Competitors On A Computer 4 hours 30 minutes
5 Go to the DIY Home  None (call cab on a phone)
6 Brainstorm With Bree 5 Hours 30 minutes
7 Have 2 Sims At The DIY Home None
8 Explain Role To Another Sim 15 minutes
9 Examine The Cameras 10 hours 30 minutes
10 Have 2 Sims Rehearse Flirting 10 minutes
11 Make Out On A Couch 16 minutes
12 Have 2 Sims Waltz Together 21 hours 30 minutes
13 Court Another Sim 7 hours 30 minutes
14 Kiss Another Sim 3 seconds
15 Hide Behind A Bed 12 minutes
16 Chat With Grim 5 minutes
17 Read The Original Play 1 day
18 Offer Grim A New Roll 19 hours
19 Act Out The Scene With Grim 10 hours 30 minutes
20 Reshoot Kissing Scene 3 seconds
21 Comfort Grim 10 hours 30 minutes
22 Email Scene To The Network 28 minutes
23 Build A Balcony At Home None
24 Wrap Things Up With Bree 9 hours 30 minutes


After completing the quest, you will win 6 privacy screens and 5 different planters (one star, two star and three star). Four of the five planters have a 'Admire' option, while the Planter Stand has a second option for a Sim to water it for eight seconds. 

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