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Love Is In The Air is a quest unlocked at Level 7. Completing this quest allows your sims to have romantic relationships and the ability to get married. If completed within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the wedding bundle which unlocks dresses and tuxedos for your sims.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Quick Rinse 6 seconds
2 Have 2 Sims in one House None
3 Be Romantic 1 minute
4 Make an Expresso 30 seconds
5 Flirt with Another Sim 5 minutes
6 Form a Budding Romance N/A
7 Have Two Sims Watching a Movie 1 hour 45 minutes
8 Form a Dating Relationship N/A
9 Make a Sim Kiss Another on the Cheek 2 seconds
10 Send a Sim Home None
11 Have a Catnap 27 minutes
12 Have 2 Sims in the Same House None
13 Be Romantic to Another Sim 1 minute
14 Become Partners N/A
15 Woo-Hoo 5 minutes
16 Buy two Roses None
17 Get Engaged 6 seconds
18 Chat About Engagement on Phone 4 hours 30 minutes
19 Make 2 Engaged Sims Move In Together 6 seconds
20 Have 3 Sims in One House None
21 Get Married 6 seconds


Quest 1: Love Is In The Air Quest 1

Quest 2: Love Is In The Air Quest 2

*Time may vary depending what star rating an item has.

** = you can cancel after starting task and the task would still progress.

Without the time of needing the sims to get to the next level of relationship, it takes 6 hours 53 minutes 56 seconds without speeding up


For finishing the quest in the time limit, players win the wedding bundle: four dresses and five suits in different colours and four female hairstyles in black, brown, orange and blonde. The hair is in the hair section of the wardrobe and the dresses and suits are under outfits. If you don't complete, then players will get nothing except the ability to marry their Sims.