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Love and Treasure is a new discovery quest, part of the Love and Treasure Update 2018. To start it, you need to build the small island near the bridge to the Mysterious Island. If you complete this quest in the 8 day time limit you will win the Villa template, along with other furniture.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Go to the park None
2 Listen to LJ Silva 30 minutes
3 Set best time 10 minutes
4 Listen to LJ's announcement 1 hour 40 minutes
5 Go to private island None
6 Assemble with other contestants 3 hours 20 minutes
7 Chat to Wizard Wickham 4 hours 10 minutes
8 Introduce Sim to Bryan Hatchling 2 hours 30 minutes
9 Listen to LJ announce challenge 6 hours 40 minutes
10 Choose an outfit None
11 Listen to LJ announce winner 4 hours 10 minutes
12 Choose an outfit for date None
13 Go horse riding with Prim 9 hours 10 minutes
14 Discuss heatstroke 4 hous 20 minutes
15 Discuss message with Wizard Wickham 3 hours 20 minutes
16 Go to the Park None
17 Receive next challenge 13 hours 20 minutes
18 Go to private island None
19 Search for a heart 1 hour 20 minutes
20 Search for a heart 2 hours 5 minutes
21 Search for a heart 5 hours 50 minutes
22 Return to the Park None
23 Give heart to LJ 5 hours
24 Go to private island None
25 Spy  4 hours
26 Discuss cure 8 hours 20 minutes
27 Take a hard look in mirror 9 hours 30 minutes
28 Listen to LJ's announcement 4 hours 10 minutes
29 Approach Prim 15 hours
30 Give cupcake to Wizard 1 hour
31 Give cupcake to Bryan 4 hours 10 minutes
32 Listen to LJ's announcement 15 hours
33 Listen to LJ's offer 21 hours 40 minutes
34 Leave the island None

Total time: 9,025 minutes, 6.27 days


For completion of this quest, you will unlock a villa house template along with some new furniture and decorations, each costing either Lifestyle Points, Social Points or Simoleons. The first villa is available for free to build, then it will cost Simoleons. The cost is affected by the amount you have If you do not finish in the time limit, you will not win the template and can build your own house on the island. Only one Sim can live there.