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It's All Going Swimmingly is a quest available at Level 13. Upon completion of this quest, you gain access to swimming pools and a new diving hobby. If you finish this quest within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the volleyball pool set.


Steps Requirements Duration
1 Build the swim center** Time and cost vary
2 Send a Sim to the Swim Center None
3 Admire the Slide at the Swim Center 4 seconds
4 Look at Diving Board apprehensively 1 minute
5 Ask Wumples for Advice 6 minutes
6 Supervise in a Lifeguard Chair 6 minutes
7 Use a Diving Board 10 minutes
8 Look at the Pool Slide Apprehensively 10 hours 30 minutes
9 Be Nice to a Sim 1 minute
10 Use the Slide 2 hours 50 minutes
11 Splash a Sim in a Pool 10 seconds
12 Flip a Sim in a Pool 4 seconds
13 Chat to a Sim while in the Pool 4 minutes
14 Talk to Wumples 30 seconds
15 Talk to Wumples again 3 minutes
16 Use the Slide 2 hours 50 minutes

*Time may vary depending on the star rating the item has.