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Internet Kitten is a hobby that isn't time limited. To get this hobby, you first need to complete A Puppy Odyssey quest to unlock puppies and kittens. Then buy a kitten play box (S1,000) from the Promotions'R'Us Store and a kitten from the Pet Store (the first one, Maine Coon, is free, the others cost LPs). Place the play box in any Sim's house and tap on it to get three options:

  • Kitten Snippet -- 1 hr 15 mins (202 XP)
  • Kitten Series -- 6 hrs 30 mins (931 XP)
  • Kitten Compilation -- 12 hrs 30 mins (1,654 XP)

There are six levels:

Level Name
1 Copy Cat
2 Feline Good
3 Catch The Mewment
4 Clawsome Performer
5 Meownificent
6 Pawsitively Entertaining 
Grid Items
Just Missed It Meow or Never Purrfect Shot 500XP
First View  Shared with Friends  Becoming Popular 1,000XP
1,000,000 Views! 5,000,000 Views! 10,000,000 Views! 1,500XP
Kitten Channel Internet Famous Kitten Celebrity 2,000XP

Prizes The first time you unlock the Persian cat breed, which are expensive: the kitten costs 68LPs and the adult costs 82LPs. The second time you complete the hobby you win one of five designer rugs:

  • Dark Lines
  • Green Zigzag
  • White Squares
  • Purple Triangles
  • Brown Circles