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<gallery position="center">
20171009_173232_kindlephoto-33712870.jpg|Call a Friend
20171013_100446.jpg|Bring a Sim to the Park
20171023_164433_kindlephoto-15202419.jpg|Gaze serenely on Park bench
20171024_013040_kindlephoto-6197937.jpg|Ask a Sim about serene gaze
20171024_014411_kindlephoto-6942301.jpg|Make pizza
20171024_101847.jpg|Give pizza to another Sim
20171023_170444_kindlephoto-15820944.jpg|Feed ducks
20171025_182450_kindlephoto-18391499.jpg|Paint a picture
20171026_021701_kindlephoto-4492451.jpg|Freak out over picture
20171009_105535_kindlephoto-16283041.jpg|Draw out chess game
20171027_125000_kindlephoto-1046323.jpg|High five a Sim
20171027_125109_kindlephoto-1063903.jpg|Call old Sim on phone
20171027_125222_kindlephoto-922191.jpg|Get over-excited at another Sim
20171006_092415_kindlephoto-4883507.jpg|Search for quilting online
20171023_165410_kindlephoto-15251876.jpg|Have a fancy coffee
20171027_125148_kindlephoto-1077717.jpg|Grow potatoes

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In Stiches is a quest unlocked at Level 25. If you complete this quest, you will unlock the quilting hobby and items for Senior sims. There is a 6 or 4 day time limit and if you complete it within that time, you will receive a patchwork teddy for your Sims.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Call a Friend 4 minutes
2 Bring a Sim to the Park None
3 Gaze Serenely on a Park Bench 9 hours
4 Ask a Sim about Serene Gaze 4 minutes
5 Make a pizza 40 minutes

Give some pizza to another Sim

1 hour
7 Feed Ducks 15 minutes (Adult)

5 minutes (Toddler)

8 Paint a Picture 3 hours
9 Freak out over Amazing Picture 1 minute
10 Draw out a Chess Game 1 day
11 High Five a Sim 1 second
12 Call the Old Sim Back on a Phone 4 minutes 30 seconds
13 Get Over-Excited at another Sim 1 minute
14 Search for Quilting Online 5 minutes
15 Drive to the Quilting Fair 1 day
16 Have a Fancy Coffee 5 minutes
17 Grow Potatoes 2 hours
18 Heat Hands in Warm Water 14 minutes
19 Play "Quilting Mama" Game 10 hours
20 Get the Quilting Kit None


For completing this quest, you will win a Patchwork Teddy for your Toddler Sims! It can be found in the Toddler section of the Home Store and costs 2,800 Simoleons. If you don't finish the quest, you won't get the bear and instead unlock the quilting hobby.

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