In Da Clubhouse is a quest available from Level 14 onward. Upon completion of this quest you unlock the Toddler Playhouse hobby for toddlers and the Playhouse for your Sims' homes. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the Big Wheeled Trike.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Have a Toddler take a Catnap** 30 minutes
2 Send a Toddler to the Swim Center None
3 Explore the Magic Castle 5 minutes
4 Ask Wumples to read to your Toddler 3 hours 30 minutes
5 Feed Toddler a Snack 1 hour
6 Play with the Cat at the Swim Center 6 seconds
7 Search a Tree for the Torn Page 8 hours
8 Talk to Professor Cat 24 seconds
9 Have a Cat Holiday in the Playhouse 2 hours
10 Have your Toddler Dance with a Tree 2 minutes

30 seconds

11 Ask Wumples to read to your Toddler 5 minutes
12 Have your Toddler take a Catnap** 30 minutes
13 Talk to the Swim Center Elephant 6 hours
14 Send an Adult Sim to the Swim Center None
15 Clean up Pee Puddles 2 seconds
16 Search a Dancing Tree for Treasure 9 hours 30 minutes
17 Dance with Wumples 10 minutes
18 Feed a Toddler Cookies 5 minutes
19 Have a Toddler Take a Catnap** 30 minutes
20 Send a Toddler to Swim Center None
21 Ride the Big Wheeled Trike 1 minute
22 Return Magical Book to Playhouse 2 hours

10 minutes

*Time may vary depending on what star rating an item has.

**Must be completed in a Toddler Bed.


If completed within the time limit, players will earn the Big Wheeled Trike, found in the Toddler section of the Home Store. If not, you will only unlock the Toddler Playhouse hobby.

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