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Higher Education is a quest which is available once you have completed Teenagers and reached Level 19.  Upon completion of this quest, you unlock Sim Town High, of which your teenage Sims can attend school. This quest has no time limit and no prize.


Part Requirement Duration*
1 Watch the News 4 minutes
2 Call Mom 48 seconds
3 Build the Town Hall** Time and Cost Vary
4 Start a New Career at the Town Hall None
5 Make a Speech at the Park 15 minutes
6 Cook Double Smoked Pulled Pork on a BBQ 20 hours
7 Bribe Ducks with Caviar 14 hours 30 minutes***
8 Be Inconspicuous on a Park Bench 2 minutes 42 seconds
9 Get Promoted to Level Two at the Town Hall**** None
10 Call the Mayor 4 minutes
11 Deep Sleep 6 hours 30 minutes
12 Announce Grand Opening on a Soapbox in the Park 13 hours

*Time may vary depending on the star rating the item has.

**If the Town Hall is already built, this task will be completed straight away.

***If completed by a Toddler, this task takes 5 minutes.

****If your Sim is already a Level 2 Politician, then this task will be completed straight away.