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The Health Hub at night

The Health Hub was a new location added to the game in January 2017 as part of the Holiday 2016 Update. When you have built it (from level 15 onward) you will unlock a discovery quest, Grooving Guru, and the following hobby: Aerobics.

The Hub will be next to the Pet Salon and Competition Center.



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The kitchen has a coffee machine with three options:

  • Expresso - 20 seconds
  • Infinity Blend - 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Decaf-free Coffee - 20 minutes

Tapping on the counter top at the front gives you the option to 'Mix Juice' for 10 hours. Have a Sim tap on one of the side tables to 'Order Juice'. The Sim at the bar will mix their drink and serve it to them. There is also a refrigerator and stools. The stools have two options: 'Wait for date' - 10 minutes and 'Hang out' - 10 minutes.

Workout area

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The workout area has four treadmills with two options: Brisk Jog - 15 minutes and Joggin' on a Prayer - 1 hour, four exercise bikes with two options: Quick Cycle - 15 minutes and Tour De SimTown - 1 hour, and two cross trainers with two options: Warm Up - 15 minutes and Work it - 45 minutes. There is also two rowing machines with two options.

There is also five Aerobics mats near the bathroom. The blue mat by the stereo is used for the Aerobics hobby, the other four purple mats are used just for fun.


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The bathroom has two sinks, two toilet cubicles and two shower stalls, all one star ratings. You need to clean the bathroom: Trash bag -- 5 hours 15 minutes, trash pile -- 5 hours 5 minutes and the Roof -- 10 hours 25 minutes.