Event 1

is a time limited hobby event involving the Aerobics hobby. It will last 7 days for players to win new active wear outfits. If you didn't start or finish the Grooving Guru quest or Aerobics hobby, the pop up will still show, but you will be unable to start it. Both events have the same name but have different clothing prizes.

Available: 3rd - 9th October 2017, 20th - 27th November 2017, 28th November - 4th December 2017.


These are the prizes earned from the second event, one each for female and male Adult Sims only.


  • The first event (held during October 2017) had sweatshirts, sweatpants and trainers as prizes.
  • SFPGnM2

    Event 2

    The second event has jackets, shorts and trainers for Adult Sims (similar looking to the prize from Grooving Guru quest).
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