Ghost Hunting is a hobby that starts straight away after completing the Ghost Hunters quest. 
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What to do

You need to place haunted decorations into your Sim's home; look for the items with a red ghost icon next to it in the Home Store. You can place as many items as you want. Once you place an item, tap on it to receive the option 'Search for ghosts'.

The time varies depending on the star rating of that item:

  • 1 star item -- 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • 2 star item -- 3 minutes 9 seconds
  • 3 star item -- 2 minutes 48 seconds
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When the time is up, tap on the red ghost bubble over your Sim's head. A ghost will show up; tap on it three times and you will receive either XP, Simoleons or LP from that ghost.

You need to collect all 18 ghosts to complete the whole grid. After ghost hunting, the item will recharge. You need to wait for the item to finish charging until you can use it again. 

Haunted items

This is a list of haunted items available in the Home Store. They have the red ghost icon next to them and can be found in Decorations, Bedroom, Lights, windows and doors tabs.

  • Skeleton - 1 star (cost: 60LP)
  • Spooky Chains - 1 star (cost: S180)
  • Portrait - 2 star (cost: 1LP)
  • Dark House Painting - 2 star (cost: 1LP)
  • Pumpkin Painting - 2 star (cost: 1LP)
  • Black Cat Painting - 2 star (cost: 1LP)
  • Plagued Statue - 2 star (cost: S10,000)
  • Undead Lamp - 1 star (cost: 4LP)
  • Jack-O'-Lantern - 1 star (cost: S1,000)
  • Nosferatu's Chamber - 3 star (cost: 6LP)
  • Vampire Chest - 3 star (cost: S2,500)
  • Spooky windows - 2 star (cost: S850)
  • Eerie Door - 2 star (cost: S1,500)


There are eight levels within this hobby. Every time a Sim levels up you will earn a different reward.

Level Level name Reward
1 Crackpot None
2 Doomsday Sayer 250XP
3 Spook Seeker 500XP
4 Ghost Aficionado S750
5 Paranormal Investigator 10,000 Town Value
6 Peter Venksim 1LP
7 Ghoul Whisperer 1LP
8 Mater Ghostologist 1LP

Ghosts (grid items)

Pumpernickel Scaresalot Mr. Flapsworth Nanny Frightsmith
Chewy Chewfinger Warts Cauldron Gruesome Gretchen
Cousin Flapsworth Huffenstuff Cackles
Hugo Argh Flapsworth Jnr. Hoodoo
Horrible Helga Ghoulio Hack-o-lantern
Beetlegeist Fright in Shining Armour Lord of Flapsworth Manor


Each row you complete in the hobby you unlock a different prize. After completing the hobby the first time, you will receive XP (experience points) and 5 LPs.

  • First row prize -- Spooky stairs
  • Second row prize -- floors
  • Third row prize -- Halloween party table
  • Fourth row prize -- wallpapers
  • Fifth row prize -- Haunted elevator
  • Sixth row prize -- Teen roman costumes
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