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Furniture is an item from the Sims Freeplay that can you do actions to your Sims. It has some basic categories: Bathroom, Electronics, Bedroom, Kitchen, Countertops, Living Room, Dining Room, Pets, Decorations, Hobby and Career Items and Lighting.

List of Furniture Items

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Bathroom are category furniture at the Home Store. It gains hygiene and bladder. Your Sims can use toilets, sink and bathtubs.


Electronics are category furniture at the Home Store. It gains fun and social, Your sims can use the computers, your sims dance in the stereos, they watch television and they call their phones.


Bedroom are category furniture at the Home Store. It gains energy, Your sims can sleep in some soft beds and they use the wardrobe or cabinets.


Kitchen are the category furniture at the Home Store. It gains hunger. Your sims can eat leftovers or drink water at the fridge, eat at the fondue set, and they use stove for cooking meals.


Countertops are the category furniture that can place counters. It doesn't have Sim's needs, You will put some kitchen items or decorations like toasters, microwave, chopping boards, and more

Living Room

Living room are the category furniture at the Home Store. Your sims can gain energy at a couch or a sofa, increases fun for reading books and magazines and etc.

Dining Room

Dining room are a category furniture that can place tables and chairs. It gains energy and hunger for ponder in a chair, and your Sims eating meals in a dining table.

Pets (Pet Furniture)

  • Note: You need to build the Pet Store in SimTown.

Pets are the category of the Home Store. Your pets can eat at their pet bowls, Dogs can live at their dog houses or kennels, cats can sleep in a bed, and use their scratching posts.


Decorations are category furniture in the Home Store. You can place decorations at every tables, coffee tables and more. Place paintings and posters in your walls and your Sims will admire it!

Hobby and Career Items

  • Note: You need to build the Promotions R'Us Store in SimTown.

Hobby and Career Items are the furniture. Your Sims can do hobbies and career items.


Lighting are the category in the Home Store. It does not have needs, You will place lights on every room that can illuminate at night.


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