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is a hobby that is unlocked once you unlock and build the Park . To start this hobby, you must bring your Sim to the park and have them fish at the lake. There is also a fishing spot on the pier at the Public Beach and at the dock at Deer Spring Falls Campgrounds.

Once in a while, your Sim may catch a large fish (Simsie) that will try to eat them. When they are up in the air, tap the exclamation mark (!) as quickly as you can. Your Sim will be released after this has been done three times. The more the Sim practices, the higher the chances are of getting a rare fish.


  • Go Fishing -- 10 minutes (45 XP) 
  • Unwind -- 1 hour (405 XP) 
  • Settle In -- 9 hours (1,176 XP) 
  • 24 hour Fishathon -- 1 Day (1,672 XP) 


There are eight levels within this hobby, each giving a different reward.

Level Name Reward
1 Fish Bait None
2 Amateur 250XP
3 Intermediate 500XP
4 Master Baiter S750
5 Fishing Pro 10,000 Town Value
6 Fish Whisperer 1LP
7 Mutant Wrangler 2LP
8 Fish-master 6LP

Fish (Grid items)

Brown Trout Pink Cichlid Carp 750 XP
Brown Mukluk Spotted Koi Salmon 1,000 XP
Blue Cichlid Elmer Wand Golden Koi 1,500 XP
Rainbow Trout Jewel Cichlid Crab de Can 2,000 XP
Polo Perch Aaron Pinkskin Blue Saulmon 3,000 XP
Gustavo Finn Hank Scharker Hi-Sim-Berg 5,000 XP


The first time your Sim completes the Hobby you will unlock Fishersim Outfits for your Adult and Senior Sims. The second time you complete it, you will earn fish-themed posters and wallpapers. The third time onwards you will win 3 LPs.

Fishing locations

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