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Finger painting easel

Finger Painting is a hobby that Toddlers can do. To get this hobby you first need to finish the Super Toddler Secret Mission quest and buy the finger painting easel (costing 4,000 Simoleons) from the Promotions'R'Us store.

The first time is time limited for 7 days to win a pop-up bookshelf; if you don't get it in the time limit you will earn a kitchen playset. The second time you will get six outfits (no time limit) and the third time you'll earn 3 Lifestyle Points. As like other hobbies, you need to have one Sim reach level six; after that you can have three toddlers do the hobby.  


There are six levels: 

Level Level name
1 Dabbler
2 Smearer
3 Drawer
4 Creator
5 Artist
6 Prodigy

Grid Paintings and XP

Hands  Grass Sunset Dragon in the Garden 750XP
Rainbow Hills Barney the Unicorn Seaside 1,000XP
Oscar Octopus Yellow Fish the Fish Dragon with Heartburn 1,500XP
George Giraffe Kitty the Caterpillar Fish Fingers 2,000XP


For completing the hobby in the time limit you will win a pop-up bookshelf, which is 2 star and costs S9,500. If you don't complete you will instead win the kitchen playset, which is 1 star and costs S5,000. The second time you need to do the hobby six times to earn six outfits for your male and female toddlers.
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