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A Preteen Figure Skating

Figure Skating is a hobby one can either do in The Snow Park once they complete An Alien Concept: Weather Machines quest or at a Sim's home with a swimming pool. After completing It's All Going Swimmingly, they can build a pool and use the Weather Machine to freeze it.

What To Do

To to this hobby, one needs to build the Snow Park (price and time to build varies). When it has finished building, tap on it to go inside. They will see a hockey rink with four ice patches; click on one of the patches to get the figure skate option. They can do this with either a Preteen, Teen or Adult Sim. Up to four sims can participate.

At a Sim's home with a pool, a Weather Machine is required to make the pool frozen.

There is one option (previously four):

  • Figure Skate - 12 hours

Older updates had four options for figure skating:

  • Warm up - 10 minutes
  • Quick Routine - 1 hour
  • Relaxing Skate - 6 hours
  • Devoted Dance - 12 hours

This has been changed to just one option.


There are six levels within this hobby, each time a Sim levels up they will receive a different reward.

Level Level name Reward
1 Amateur None
2 Rarely Upright 250XP
3 Semi-Skilled 500XP
4 Skilled S750
5 Advanced 10,000 Town Value
6 Skater Prestige 1LP

Medals (grid items)

Final Moment Silver Stumble The Golden Statue 750XP
The Platimum Encouragement Award The Coveted Top 1,000XP
Heavenly Peak The G. Grand The Blind Goose 1,500XP
Silver Teapot Rare Swan Town Splendour 2,000XP


The first time one earns all 12 medals, they will unlock the ski lift to access the snow slopes for their Sims to snowboard and tobogan. The second time unlocks Figure Skating outfits for female and male Sims. The third time earns 3 Lifestyle Points


  • Strangely, this is the only hobby Pregnant Sims can participate in.
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