Fashion Hunter is a time limited hobby which you can find on the second floor of Sunset Mall. If you complete in 7 days you unlock the indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Adults and Teenagers can complete this hobby and up to 5 Sims can take part at one time.

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Hunting for Fashion

How to unlock

In order to unlock Fashion Hunter, you need to complete the Pretty Little Planters quest, build 12 stores on the second floor, clean the fourth area and build the Fashion Hunter Bargain Center, then the time limit for the hobby will start.

There is only one action in this hobby: Hunt for fashion- 5 hours 30 minutes. You can click on any store you have built upstairs, the sale stalls or clothes racks to get this option.


There are six levels.

Level Level name
1 Fashion Flailer
2 First Offer Taker
3 Bargain Lover 
4 Fashion Eye
5 Dream Dealer 
6 Style Shark

Fashion (grid items)

Prep Up Urban So Smart
Retro-vert Harajuku Panic Rags to Raggedy
Street Smart Punk's Not Dead true Glamour
Casual Friday Sporting Chance Gothic


Once you start the hobby, you have 7 days to unlock the indoor skydiving tunnel. Once built you can have a solo sky dive for 10 minutes or wait for a partner and tandem sky dive for 20 minutes. If you don’t complete in time you still unlock the cinema. 

In addition, with each row you complete you unlock a new shop in the mall: 

Find  Unlock Cost How long to build?
First row of fashion Tuck's (Adult male) 180,000 16 hours
Second row of fashion Friday Night (Adult female) 225,000 1 Day
Third row of fashion Jack and Jill (Preteens) 140,000 16 hours
Fourth row of fashion Summer to Winter (Adult female) 150,000 1 Day
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