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The fashion studio

Fashion Designer is a hobby in the game. You first need to build the Promotions'R'Us store to buy the Fashion Studio, it will be in the Hobbies tab. You need one Sim to reach level six first to unlock all the grid items, then any other Sim can join, even if they're level one. Only Adult Sims can do this.  There are four options:
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A Sim using the studio

  • Design Fashion - 10 minutes
  • Work Overtime - 1 hour
  • Tailor Chef-d'oeuvre - 6 hours
  • Create Next Big Thing - 12 hours


There are six levels, each with a different reward:

Level Name Reward
1 Fashion Disaster None
2 Fashion Faux Pas 250XP
3 The Look 500XP
4 Fashionista S750
5 Whats Hot 10,000 Town Value
6 Fashion God 1LP

Fashion items (grid items)

Brown Fishersim's Hat Fishersim's Overalls Gumboots 750XP
Blue Overalls Striped Shirt Red Boots 1,000XP
Dress Pants Leather Shoes Vest & Shirt Combo 1,500XP
Pink Dress Black Coat

Chichi Heels



The first time your Sim completes the hobby, they will earn two separate outfits for male and female Adult Sims; the second time they will unlock the Lucky Hat and the third time you will earn 3 Lifestyle Points

The Lucky Hat is the same for Adult Sims, except the hair comes in four colours: brown, blonde, black and red, and the hair is in a ponytail for female Sims.


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