Extreme Home Takeover is a discovery quest unlocked at level 11. Upon completion of this quest, players will unlock romantic furniture and earn a hot tub as the time limited prize. You also unlock the ability to create your own homes for the Architect tab.

You can find the Real Estate Developer (male Sim in red coat) in the Park by the fountain.


*Depending on the star rating an item has

Part Requirements Duration
1 Ask Lucius about hubbub 1 minute
2 Go to work at Real Estate Agency None
3 Read a Real Estate sign 6 hours 30 mintues
4 Discuss home takeover with a Sim 1 minute
5 Search for well groomed Sim on simbook 9 hours*
6 Extend or build a room None
7 Take a selfie 10 seconds
8 Post selfie on Lucius's simbook 6 hours*
9 Become incensed 2 minutes
10 Check fine print on a sign 12 hours 30 minutes
11 Buy an item from the Home Store None
12 Submit house via sign None


If completed within the time limit of 2 days, you will win a hot tub. It can be found in the Outdoors tab under Outdoor Furniture and costs 65,000 Simoleons. If you don't finish in the time limit, you win romantic furniture instead (fairy lights, double beds and seats).

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