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Eduardo and Valentina are NPC dancers who appear in the discovery quest 'A Dance To Remember'.  


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Eduardo and Valentina dancing by the statue.

Eduardo has black hair and wears a black shirt, trousers and shoes. Valentina has her brown hair tied back in a bun and wears a red dress with dancing shoes.

They own the Latin Villa house, which players can win if they complete the Salsa Dancing hobby in the time limit. 


Players can only interact with the pair when the goal in the quest tells them to. They cannot talk to them normally. If you try to talk to them, your Sim will shake their head and a bubble with a red circle and white line will show above your Sim's head. 


A Dance To Remember

They will be seen dancing by the Thinking Man statue in the Park. Tapping on them will show a pop up asking if you want to start the quest; tapping 'Yes' will start it straight away. After completing the quest they will disappear forever.

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