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Daring Do's is a time limited hobby event. It involves the Fashion Designer hobby and lasts 7 days to get eight packs of new hairstyles for Adult female Sims.

Available: 26th December 2018 - 1st January 2019, 7th - 14th February 2020


Randomized - you might not get the one you want first. Each hair comes in several different colours: black, blonde, pale blonde, strawberry blonde, light brown, chestnut and dark brown. Each 'pack' contains four hairstyles.

  • Embellished buns
  • Earthy embellished buns
  • Embellished braids
  • Bright braids
  • Mixed long pinned
  • Bright long pinned
  • Dark dreads
  • Bright dreads


  • Unlike the other hair themed events, where there is one hairstyle in a range of colours, Daring Do's splits the same hairstyle twice into four.