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The Country Homestead Event is a time limited hobby event that appeared in November 2016, March 2017, on 17 August 2017 and 10th October 2018. Like the Urban Furniture Hobby Event, you need to use the Woodworking benches to get all the items within 9 days.


There are ten packs of country-themed furniture to be won (they are earned in order).

  • Walls 
  • Windows - white and dark, single and double 
  • Doors - white and dark, single and double
  • Kitchen Essentials - countertops x2 and sinks x2 
  • Living Space - door frames and dressers
  • Benchtops - counters x2 and corner counters x2
  • Floorboards 
  • Kitchen Suite - counters x2 and oven hoods x2
  • Sideboards - white counters x3 and dark counters x3
  • Island Benches x3 


  • Unlike the Urban Furniture, where all the counter tops are in one pack, this event splits the counter tops into two for four packs.