The Sims Freeplay Wiki

The Community Center has hobby objects for adults and Preteens: Woodworking, Ballet and Karate. It is the first task to build it when you are on the Multi-Story Renovations quest. 

First floor  []


On the left side of the building, you will find two sparring dummys and pieces of wood, for preteens to learn Karate.

These are the following options avalible on the sparring dummies:

  • One Punch (4m / 15 XP)
  • Quick Duel (1h / 150 XP
  • Karate Practice (9h / 450 XP)
  • Lengthy Battle (1d / 900 XP)

Female preteens practicing ballet

On the right, you will find some barres and a music player, suitable for preteens to learn Ballet. 

The following actions are suitable for Ballet:

  • Ballet Barre: Stretch (30s / 9 XP)
  • Ballet Record Player:
    • One Pirouette (4m / 15 XP)
    • Quick Pirouette (1h / 150 XP)

      Preteen boys practicing karate

    • Pirouettes (9h / 450 XP)
    • Extensive Pirouettes (1d / 900 XP)

Second floor []

Upstairs you will find three woodworking benches, suitable for adults to learn Woodworking.


These are the following actions: 

  • Woodworking Benches:
    • Quick Practice (4m / 15 XP)
    • Sharpen Skills (1h / 150 XP)
    • Carve Magnum Opus (9h / 450 XP)
    • Extensive Practice: (1d / 900 XP)


  • If you want to level up your Sims' Ballet skill quickly, use the Ballet Barre over and over again, as it has more skill points than the record player. 
  • The pipes upstairs are part of a mini-game for woodworkers. If they build a small Sim-like robot, it will try to escape, so you must guide it over the pipes to reach your Sim at one of the windows. Your Sim will catch the robot and it will be part of the Woodworking collection. 
  • There is also toilets to raise your Sim's bladder and chairs for Sims to sit at.