Class Clown is a hobby from the Downtown High Update 2017. To get this hobby, you must first build the Downtown High School and complete the Teacher's Pet discovery quest, then this hobby will start straight away. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will earn cheerleader outfits.


To do this hobby, you use one Sim (either an Adult or Teen) to do the Class Clown action in the English classroom. Once you get all three collectibles, you unlock the Home Economics classroom. Use the same Sim to complete the action in that room and get three collectibles to unlock the next room. Repeat until your Sim reaches level 6 and unlock the whole grid. 

NOTE: You must use one Sim to complete the hobby the first time. After unlocking the whole grid, you can use four Sims in each room at the same time. 


There are six levels, each earning a different reward.

Level Name Reward
1 Novice Agitator None
2 Junior Jester  250XP
3 Commensurate Comedian 500XP
4 Experienced Buffoon  S750
5 Veteran Vaudevillain 10,000 Town Value
6 Elite Disruptor  1LP 

Grid Items 

Row 1 Character Distr-actor Aerial Disturbance Studying Zs Unlocks: Home Economics
Row 2 Water Burner Inflammatory Selfie Chef de Charcoal Unlocks: Computer Lab
Row 3 High Scorer  Feline Video Lover Cloud Surfer  Unlocks: Science Lab
Row 4 Gas Diffuser Creative Innovator Chemical Reactor Unlocks: second floor


If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will win cheerleader outfits for your female and male Adult and Teen Sims. They can be found in the wardrobe under outfits. Your Sims can wear them and use the pom poms on the sports field to perform a synchronized routine! If you don't finish in the time limit, you instead unlock the second floor of the school to build more rooms.  


  • This is the fourth location that has a time limited hobby after completion of a quest: the first is the Deer Spring Falls campgrounds, the second is the Sunset Mall and the third is the Health Hub.  
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