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Sims doing the hobby

is a hobby that first appeared in the game during the 2016 Chocolate Egg Chase quest. Like Fashion Designer and Woodworking, it is used in time limited events to win prizes. Only Adult Sims can do this hobby.
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Making chocolate

Note: You cannot get the chocolatier benches until a time limited event requiring the hobby will start.

What to do

To start this hobby and access the events, you must first buy a Chocolatier Bench from the Promotions'R'Us Store. You can buy up to 15 benches; the first four costs 500 Simoleons and the price will rise until the last six require SPs to purchase (the 15th bench costs 40SPs!)

Place a bench in one of your Sim's homes and use a Sim to tap on it. There are two options:

  • Make chocolates -- 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Create Chef D'oeuvre -- 6 hours 15 minutes

Choose one of the two options and when the time is up, an exclamation point bubble will appear over your Sim's head. Tap on the bubble to receive one of the chocolates. Collect all 12 chocolates to complete the grid.


There are six levels within this hobby, each time a Sim levels up they will a receive a reward.

Level Level name Reward
1 Triffling Truffler None
2 Chocoholic 250XP
3 Hot Chocolatier 500XP
4 Grand Ganacher S750
5 Choc-star 10,000 Town Value
6 Chocolatier In Chief 1LP

Chocolates (grid items) 

Cookies and Cream Delight Chocolate Bombs Chocolate Freckle 500XP
Strawberry Truffle Melon Bite Cherry Delicious 1,000XP
Rainbow Sweetheart Choc-a-latte Strawberry Mousse 1,500XP
White Chocolate Drop Hazelnut Praline Lemon Ganacher 2,000XP


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