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Catwalk Modelling
is a hobby Adults can do on the first floor of the Sunset Mall. This hobby has no time limit, so you can take your time. Only one Adult Sim can do it at a time.

How to unlock

To gain access to this hobby, you must first build the Sunset Mall, complete the Sunset Mall Quest, clean up Area 1: Main Entrance and build and clean up Area 2: Fashion Walk. Then you need to build the catwalk and have Sims clean up the area around the stage.

There is only one option:

  • Strut Your Stuff - 2 hours 15 minutes


There are six levels within the hobby, each with a different reward.

Level Level name Reward
1 Face Planter None
2 Two Right Feet 250XP
3 Mover and Faker 500XP
4 The Walk S750
5 The Look 10,000 Town Value
6 Blue Steel 1LP

Grid items

The Debut The Trip Heel-to-Toe
Here's Looking at You Catlike Recovery The Good Side
The March Over & Pout Strut
Blue Iron Contrapose The Diva


Each time you complete a row of the hobby, you will unlock stores to build on the first floor. The second time you do the hobby, you earn 3 LPs.

Stores unlocked:

  1. First row -- unlocks Casual Clothing and Wumple Zone
  2. Second row -- unlocks No Small Feet and Growing Up!
  3. Third row -- unlocks Shoulder Pad, Heel Yr Sole, Style For Men and Zip It
  4. Fourth row -- unlocks Leap, Seniors Clothing, Sport and Skate and Simmer - Fun Fashion
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