Bree is a non-playable character. She appears in four DIY Home quests. In past updates, Bree is not visible through the Sim Tracker, but since the Downtown High Update, she can be seen on the Sim Tracker.  


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Bree juggling tools in the DIY Home

Bree appears as a dark skinned Adult female Sim with black plaited hair and a yellow hard hat. She wears an orange vest over a shirt, jeans, brown boots and gloves. 

She is a friendly woman who likes all things involving DIY and renovations. In past updates, she can be found wandering around the DIY Home. Since the Downtown High Update, she still walks around the DIY Home but juggles tools and takes out a camera when in a static position.  


You cannot interact with Bree until the goal in the quest tells you to. 

Bree will appear for all three quests, however when the quests are over she will disappear forever.  


These are the discovery quests involving Bree. You can find her at the Park to start the first, third and fourth quests. Bree will be waiting outside the Community Center to start the Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest. 

Peaceful Patio

The first quest. Bree helps your Sims create their own patios, including railings and outdoor furniture.

Lovey-Dovey Balcony

The second DIY themed quest, where Bree helps your Sims make their own balconies while filming a romantic TV show.

Basement Of Kings

The third DIY themed quest. This time your Sims want basements, so they ask Bree for help again.

All Mezzed Up

Bree is back! Help your Sims save her career while you gain a brand new build mode feature: mezzanines (indoor balconies)!

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