Bird Feeding is a hobby your Senior Sims can take part in. You need to complete the Bird Feeding Quest in order to unlock it. You need to find the bench in the middle of the park that has pigeons on it and click the option to feed birds, once you have found all the park birds you unlock the swim center bench and so on.

Where can you feed birds?

There are four places you can feed birds: The Park, Swim Centre, Community Centre and Snow Park.

The first time you do this hobby you need to unlock the next place by finding all 3 birds from the previous place.

What are the bird feeding options?

At the park: Feed Birds- 10 minutes

At the swim center: Feed Birds- 1 hour

At the community center: Feed Birds- 6 hours

At the snow park: Feed Birds- 12 hours

There are six Bird Feeding levels.



3.Pecking Orderer




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