Bird Feeding is a quest that will unlock at Level 24. Completion of this quest unlocks the Bird Feeding hobby for Seniors. If completed within the 6 or 4 day time limit, you will win a Parrot on a Perch.


Part Requirement Duration
1 Search a tree at a house for birds 5 minutes
2 Read Birdhouse Illustrated Magazine 10 minutes
3 Read an Encyclopedia 4 hours
4 Grow Pumpkins 1 day
5 Bake a Pumpkin Pie 10 hours
6 Throw seeds at the Park Water Fountain 7 minutes
7 Throw seeds at the Swim Center 6 minutes
8 Search for birds on a tree at the Swim Center 16 hours 30 minutes
9 Call a friend 5 minutes
10 Watch Osiris with a Telepscope in the Park 7 minutes
11 Watch News on a TV 4 minutes
12 Be Nice to a Sim 1 minute
13 Go Bird-Spotting on a Park Bench 22 hours


If you complete this quest within the time limit of 6 or 4 days, you will receive a pet bird! It can be found in the Pet tab of the Home Store and costs S2,000. Your Sims can talk to it and teach it tricks. You will also unlock the hobby, but need a Senior Sim to do it.

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