Basement Of Kings is a quest unlocked at Level 19, and gives you the ability to learn how to build basements. If this quest is completed within the 7 day time limit, you unlock the DIY Home. If you don't finish in the time limit, you receive wallpaper and items.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Cheer up Bree 5 minutes
2 Accompany Bree to DIY Home None
3 Check SimBook on Computer 45 minutes
4 Vote Obsessively On A Computer 8 hours 30 minutes
5 Join Bree For An Interview 1 day
6 Study Basement at DIY Home 3 hours 30 minutes
7 Play With Pet At Home 4 minutes
8 Have A Pet Find 3 Treasures Time May Vary
9 Share Knowledge With Bree 12 hours 30 minutes
10 Ask Bree About Poll 45 minutes
11 Grow Strawberries at DIY House 1 day
12 Make A Double Shot Of Coffee 48 seconds
13 Bring Food To Bree 12 hours 30 minutes
14 Tell A Joke To Bree 2 minutes
15 Build A Basement None
16 Buy §2000 Of Furniture & Electronics None
17 Watch The Ultimate Movie Marathon On TV 21 hours 30 minutes
18 Check In With Bree 4 hours 30 minutes
19 Hug Bree 45 minutes
20 Have All Sims Leave DIY House None
21 Pump Up Fans On A Computer 16 hours 30 minutes


If you finish the quest in the time limit you win the DIY Home. The first one is free to build, after that it'll cost Simoleons depending on how many other buildings you have built. You also earn three wallpapers and two decorative items.  

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