An Alien Concept: Weather Machines is a quest available at level 16. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock the Snow Park and also the Weather Machine, which can be purchased within the Home Store for §70,000. Completion of the quest within the time limit unlocks snow gear for your sims.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Search for UFOs in the Park 1 minute 30 seconds
2 Be Nice to an Alien 1 minute
3 Become friends with an Alien 1 minute
4 Go to the Park None
5 End is Nigh on a Soapbox 12 hours
6 Become Best Friends with the Alien (Time varies)
7 Browse the Internet 4 minutes
8 Be Nice to Osiris 1 minute
9 Spend §16,000 on Electronics None
10 Negotiate with a Sim-Eating Plant 3 minutes
11 Read Fine Literature 9 hours 30 minutes*
12 Be Rude to Osiris 10 seconds
13 Woo-Hoo 5 minutes
14 Deep Sleep 6 hours 30 minutes*
15 Buy a World Globe None
16 Plot World Domination 10 hours
17 Be Funny to Osiris 10 seconds
18 Play Electronica on a Stereo 3 minutes*

*Times for 3-star objects

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