An Alien Concept: Weather Machines is a quest available at Level 16. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock the Snow Park and the Weather Machine. Completion of the quest within the time limit of 7 days unlocks snow gear for your Sims.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Search for UFOs in the Park 1 day
2 Be Nice to an Alien 1 minute
3 Become friends with an Alien Time Varies
4 Go to the Park None
5 End is Nigh on a Soapbox 12 hours
6 Become Best Friends with the Alien Time Varies
7 Browse the Internet 4 minutes
8 Be Nice to Osiris 1 minute
9 Spend §16,000 on Electronics None
10 Hibernate 1 day
11 Negotiate with a Sim-Eating Plant 3 minutes
12 Read Fine Literature 12 hours
13 Be Rude to Osiris 10 seconds
14 Woo-Hoo 5 minutes
15 Deep Sleep 6 hours 30 minutes
16 Buy a World Globe None
17 Plot World Domination 10 hours
18 Be Funny to Osiris 10 seconds
19 Play Electronica on a Stereo 2 minutes 42 seconds

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

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