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Aerobics was a new hobby starting in January 2017 during the Holiday 2016 Update. It will start straight away after completing the Grooving Guru quest. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will win active wear outfits.

What to do

To access this hobby, you first need to build the Health Hub and complete the Grooving Guru quest. Use a Sim to tap on the aerobics steps at the very front and two options will come up:

  • Warm  Up -- 4 hours 50 minutes 
  • Shake It Off -- 6 hours 30 minutes 
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Aerobics at home

Tap on one of the options and when the time has passed, tap on the exclamation mark above your Sim's head. A pop up screen will show telling you that you found one of the moves and will go straight to the grid. You must find all 12 moves 7 times in order to get 7 outfits! You need one Sim at the Hub and you can have 14 others doing aerobics at their homes, buying the aerobics steps from the Promotions'R'Us store. 

You can still complete the hobby after the time is up, but you will be unable to obtain more than one outfit (or none at all, depending on how long you take to level up). 


There are six levels, each with a different reward:

Level Level name Reward
1 Arrthymic Amateur None
2 Isometric Intiate 250XP
3 Fiery Feet 500XP
4 Aerobic Adept S750
5 Lycra-clad Legend 10,000 Town Value
6 Stepping Sage  1LP

Moves (grid items)

Salute-to-the-Floor Long Trip Simple Step 800XP
Longitudinal Lunger Piyometric Groover Triple-Triangulator Turnstep 1,200XP
Jumping Jack Star Stretch Reach for the Sky 1,600XP
Shimmy'n'Shake Boogie Blast Off Groovy Wonderland 2,200XP


If you complete the hobby within 7 days, you will get 7 different active wear outfits for your male and female Adult Sims. They can be found in wardrobe, in Outfits, tops, pants and shoes tabs, but it has been updated so active wear now have their own separate tab. Completing the hobby further times gives you 2 LPs.


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