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Not to be confused with Adults life stage!


"Adulthood" is a quest you unlock at level 21 after The Pirate And His Goddess quest. Adulthood will allow you to age your teenage Sims to an adult. Complete this quest within the six day time limit to unlock the Expanded Wardrobe for your adult and teen Sims. These new outfits are available in the Salon or when creating a Sim. 


Part Requirement Duration
1 Send a Sim to the Park None
2 Rearrange Chess Board 30 minutes
3 Hide in the Park Toilet 5 seconds
4 Bring a second Sim to the Park None
5 Continue Playing Chess 5 hours
6 Ridicule another Sim 1 hour 30 minutes
7 Stare vacantly into the Park Fountain 1 day
8 Dance to Electronica in the Park 5 hours
9 Have 3 Sims in the Park None
10 Complain to a Sim 1 minute
11 Mock another Sim 1 hour 30 minutes
12 Grill Em All on the BBQ 8 hours
13 Call a Sim to the Swim Center None
14 Use the Slide 20 seconds
15 Drink an Energy Drink at the Swim Center 30 minutes
16 Ridicule the Trophy Case 1 day
17 Send a Sim Home None
18 Watch the News 4 minutes
19 Confess to a Sim 1 minute 30 seconds
20 Clean up Trash 16 hours
21 Have 5 Sims dance to a Park Stereo Completes immediately


If you finish the quest within the time limit, you win an extended fashion pack for your Adult and Teen Sims, including outfits and coloured hair for Teens and more tops, pants, shoes, hair and hats for Adults.