A Quest for Toddlers
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Celebrate your infant sim's birthday and watch as they grow into toddlers!

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A Quest For Toddlers is unlocked at Level 12. Completion of this quest unlocks the ability to age infants into toddlers. If completed within the time limit of 5 or 2 days, you will unlock the dress up chest for your toddlers.

Note: Some players' games may have a 2 day time limit instead of 5. This is because there is two versions depending on the device used: the first version has the older, longer times, whereas the second version has the same actions but shorter in length.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Watch a Documentary 1 hour*
2 Watch Sunflower Street on TV 9 minutes 30 seconds*
3 Change a Diaper 21 seconds
4 Expand or Change a room None
5 Buy a Dollhouse from the Children's Store None
6 Have a Fancy Coffee 5 minutes
7 Study Geography on a Globe 12 hours
8 Contemplate Life at the Lake*** 8 minutes 30 seconds
9 Ask Statue in Park for Advice 3 minutes
10 Stare at the Park Statue 4 seconds
11 Get serious advice from Park Statue 9 hours 30 minutes
12 Listen to a Stereo 2 minutes

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

***Click on the Ducks.

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