A Bump-y Ride

A Bump-y Ride is a discovery quest that allows female Adult Sims to get pregnant! If completed, players have the ability to make their Sims go through stages of pregnancy.


*You must complete all 9 days, including the goals.

Part Requirements Duration
1 Have a Doctor explain pregnancies None
2 Talk pregnancies with a Sim 30 seconds
3 Purchase maternity outfit None
4 Place empty crib None
5 Start the Pregnancy Event* 9 days
6 Select Sim icon None
7 View daily goals None
8 View support tasks None
9 View baby bonus None
10 Complete Pregnancy Event 9 days


Once you have completed all 9 days worth of goals (including pregnancy and support) the baby bonus will unlock. It enables the Infant Sim to earn more XP, completes actions faster, the baby will not be affected by low needs and maintains these bonuses for every life stage!

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